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AAAHP promotes the professional status and recognition of its members through:

  • regular exchange of knowledge and further education for Anaesthesia Technicians/ Technologists/ APOs and Assistants to the Anaesthetists
  • working towards statutory registration
  • promoting a code of ethics for the wellbeing and safety of patients
  • enabling us to represent our profession as a major stakeholder in peri-operative issues nationally
  • development of a standardised scope of practice throughout Australia

Due to the recent activities of the Health Service in Bendigo, Victoria, AAAHP have produced the following Press Release.

27th January 2017




The AAAHP Executive Committee has issued the following press release today in response to the Bendigo Advertiser article published on 26th January 2017 concerning the suspension of neonatal surgery at Bendigo Hospital.


Until today AAAHP has refrained from commenting on the recent change from the anaesthetic technician as the anaesthetic assistant to the anaesthetic nurse model at Bendigo hospital. This was due to the fact that the Bendigo anaesthetic technicians chose not to be members of AAAHP. However with the report in yesterday’s Bendigo Advertiser  highlighting the implications of inadequately trained anaesthetic nurses AAAHP feels it is now an appropriate time to voice its considered opinion upon this matter.





  • Strongly believes that the ANZCA guidelines for the training of anaesthesia assistants are in place for a good reason – that of patient safety. Any attempt to play down their importance is a disregard of this hugely important factor.


  • Wishes to make clear that all our members must satisfy these ANZCA guidelines before they are placed on the AAAHP voluntary register.


  • Notes with dismay the surreptitious erosion of anaesthetic technician posts in Victorian public hospitals, instigated by nursing hierarchy; over a period of the last 20 years.


  • Highlights that the lack of such positions and the reluctance of hospitals to employ anaesthetic technicians has led to training courses for anaesthetic technicians in Victoria not being viable; as few if any hospitals have been willing to take anaesthetic technician diploma students on placement. When the students do qualify they find it almost impossible to find work in Victoria and move interstate or are forced to retrain in another discipline.


  • Believes that the Model of Care the Victorian Health Minister praises so highly has been compromised by the way it is has been implemented not only at Bendigo but also other Victorian public hospitals.


  • Suggests that the Minister commissions an independent audit of compliance to ANZCA guidelines for anaesthesia assistants (PS08) by anaesthesia nurses in public and private hospitals in Victoria to ascertain how Victorian public hospitals measure up to these national safety guidelines.


  • Is concerned of the consequences for the public should a similar Model of Care be planned for other Victorian public hospitals employing non-nursing anaesthetic assistants, namely the Royal Children's Hospital.



AAAHP would welcome the opportunity to take part in any working group or forum considering this specific issue with the objective of improved patient safety outcomes. 


Executive Committee





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2016 Allied Health Award: Stephen Pinzone

The Allied Health Award recognises outstanding leadership and commitment to patient care.

Stephen Pinzone has been an anaesthetic technician working in theatre at RCH for many years and in particular as a regular member of the Labs and Lines theatre list team. He is a loved and respected member of our team. This nomination was suggested by patients, parents and staff.

Steve, on a daily basis, embodies the RCH values of respect, excellence, integrity and unity.

Steven is a highly skilled and professional anaesthetic technician who supports the work of the Anaesthetists and proceduralists. He works above and beyond his duties to make an outstanding contribution to the work and reputation of the RCH, and an impact that is obvious to the parents and to the staff who work with him. Steve is a quiet leader and role model for treating everyone with respect and care.

Steve Pinzone regularly works in the labs and lines list in the operating theatre, which is the list where oncology and haematology patients have regular procedures such as lumbar punctures and bone marrow biopsies. The children on this list are often anxious and afraid. Steve uses his fantastic interpersonal skills and humour to relax the patients so that their experience is a positive one. The children love him, as do the parents.

He unfailingly treats everyone with respect, with care and with his gentle humour. Steve’s skills support patients and parents to manage the anxiety they might feel about having repeated procedures in theatre. He gives the children a feeling of control over their surroundings by giving them choices as he distracts them from what is going on. Parents say they feel safe leaving their children in the theatre with our team. Steve’s influence in the room is certainly a part of this feeling of security for families. Steven is always alert to what other team members might be needing to make their job easier. He assists the haematologists in the correct positioning of each patient so the procedures can be performed in the safest, most efficient way.

Over the years Steven has developed a whole suite of distraction toys and tools to delight and engage children, parents (and staff) of all ages. He is a very creative person with musical and other talents which he brings into his work setting to great effect. He plays guitar to a high standard, sings, has an ‘angry bird’ hat, a motorised car, bubble machine and numerous other toys at the ready when children walk in.

He continually goes above and beyond the call of duty to make the potentially stressful theatre environment a place that many children now enjoy coming to. He has managed to broaden the role of anaesthetic technician to include his contribution to engaging children in a meaningful way before they are anaesthetised.

“Steve’s continual and consistent friendliness, competency, organization, ability to keep the technical aspects moving fast and without complaint is a huge assistance to the anaesthetist and the whole theatre team,” said Dr Liz Prentice, RCH Anaesthetist.

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